Simryn Gill | Inland

4 August – 3 September 2011

Simryn Gill Inland (installation view) 2009 cibachrome and black & white photographs 13 x 13 cm each

Inland is a series of over 100 photographs displayed loosely on a table. The installation asks audiences to look at pictures that have been made during a road trip from northern New South Wales, to South Australia and then on to Western Australia. Through their tactility these pictures invite us to consider our experience of place. By handling the pictures, the photographs move from something that is purely about seeing, into something of the material world. The work considers the process of moving between places, of collecting sensations.

Commissioned by the Centre for Contemporary Photography, Melbourne in 2009, the work explores the idea of history, articulating sites and objects at a particular time. Gill is interested in photography as a process of engagement, offering a ‘reading’ of a moment instead of its capture. Inlandtakes us on a journey into the homes of regional Australia. The work offers an experience removed from traditional representations of the Australian landscape as expansive and heroic, instead presenting us with intimate domestic settings.

‘Gill takes humble things in the world and shifts them; rearranges them with seemingly endless patience, craft and grace, to communicate something about how the object has come into being. This is not a matter of changing context to appreciate formal qualities as might a connoisseur, but rather a quest for understanding place.’ Naomi Cass, Inland, CCP, 2009