The Drawing Room

20 January – 18 February 2012

Hossein Valamanesh, Swiss Landscape, Tuesday 20th November 2001, 2002, watercolour on newspaper on rice paper, painted image size 3.2 x 4 cm, no. 8 from set of 12, unique edition of 4

The Drawing Room exists outside of the 'mark-making' convention. The works in the exhibition look to Kandinsky's proposition that a line is a point set in motion, and explores the ways in which artists build analogies between drawing, thought and movement. The exhibition includes both gallery and invited artists, and features a range of approaches to the discipline of drawing.

Exploring drawing in the expanded field, many of the works challenge and extend our understanding of the practice. Using a variety of materials and processes, the works in this exhibition unravel and remake our understanding of 'the line'.

Exhibiting artists:
Mitch Cairns
Will French
Simryn Gill
Agatha Gothe-Snape
Joyce Hinterding
Rob McLeish
Prudence Murphy
Nike Savvas
Hossein Valamanesh