Nike Savvas | No Gods No kings

24 February – 24 March 2012

Nike Savvas Sliding weave (lawless 3), 2012 acrylic on canvas 60 x 80 cm

Nike Savvas' art practice explores the boundaries and bridges between painting and sculpture. For her second solo exhibition with BREENSPACE, Savvas has made a suite of bold geometric paintings that expand from her large-scale installations. These paintings exploit the optical 'moiré? effect that results from contrasting line configurations. Savvas tests what is possible within the 2-dimensional plane, as these works-like her sculptures-undulate before our eyes. Alive with movement, these works also playfully link the op-art movement of the 60s with the grounded practice of weaving that has featured in Savvas' recent installations.

This exhibition has been supported by the Arts ACT Fellowship and the Australia Council for the Arts