Dani Marti's 'Butterfly Man' at PINTA NEW YORK. Video program ‘Fractures’ curated by Octavio Zaya
14 – 17 November 2013

Octavio Zaya: While experiencing and thinking on the works selected for this presentation – the first of its kind at PINTA-New York—there is this ongoing feeling that we are living within the irreducible matrix of a multiplicity of times (pace G. Deleuze). Time not only seems to be multiple, but it also generates multiplicities, while repelling any reduction to a space-time continuum (Garet, Vizcaino). It seems as if those times were incommensurate dimensions of one another, processes resisting stability, permanence, totality or completion (Garet, Vizcaino, Marti). Often, the undefined differentiation of thought and thinking is woven into time’s multiplicities as fracture (Aires, Motta, Pizzani), and, at times, this fracture invites new, though transitory, transformative formations (Martinat, Garet, Motta, Vizcaino). These works, as thoughts, might be experienced as a break, a pause, or an interruption in the order of time, which, in turn, brings fracture into thinking. Thoughts of fractures/fractured thoughts, against time. 

Artists/Galleries: Carlos Aires/Galería AND (Madrid), Richard Garet/Julian Navarro Gallery (New York), Dani Marti/ Breenspace (Sydney), José Luis Martinat/ Galería Lucía de la Puente (Lima), Carlos Motta/Y Gallery (New York), Lucía Pizzani/ Oficina1 (Caracas), Zoé T. Vizcaino/Galería Moriarty (Madrid).

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Dani Marti, Butterfly man, 2012, 4K UHDV, 19 minutes, courtesy the artist