Phillip George in collaboration with George Alexander for Through the Roadblocks, in Cyprus, a NeMe project curated by Helene Black
22 November – 23 December 2012

Through the Roadblocks is a project seeking to recognise and reveal common elements and unexplored knowledge and experiences which emerge from the silent periphery. Through the Roadblocks will be held in Cyprus, curated by Dr Antonis Danos and Helene Black, from 22 November until 23 December 2012. It will be presented in conjunction with the Independent Museum of Contemporary Art, Cyprus, NeMe, and the Lanitis Centre, Limassol. The Lanitis Centre is one of the largest international venues in Cyprus. The exhibition will focus on a presentation of artists from 12 countries surrounding Cyprus from the Eastern Mediterranean, North Africa as well as a selection of artists, who have established a strong creative and theoretical collaboration with this region. Through the Roadblocks has as one of its main concerns the way in which concepts cross boundaries; people cross borders; concepts travel through one country, take root in another only to change again as the idea journeys from East to West, or West to East. The work by Phillip George and George Alexander will comprise a performance/installation of hundreds of hand-shaped bread loaves bearing insignia from many of the Eastern Mediterranean cultures.