Tim Silver is a finalist in Tidal: City of Devonport Art Award
4 December 2010 – 26 January 2011

Tidal: City of Devonport Art Award 
$15 000 Major Acquisitive Award

Christl Berg/Jamie Boys/ Dane Chisholm/ Gabrielle Courtenay/Amanda Davies/ Noah Grosz/ Jodi Heffernan/ Greer Honeywill/Megan Keating/David-Ashley Kerr/Ed King/Mark McCarthy/Penny Malone/Anne Morrison/Harry Nankin/ Matthew Newton/Troy Ruffels/Catherine O’Donnell/Emidio Puglieli/Sally Rees/Tim Silver/Gary Smith/Paul Snell/ Valerie Sparks

December 4 2010 – January 26 2011
Opening Friday December 3, 6pm

The Tidal award is hosted by the Devonport Regional Gallery and funded through the Devonport City Council and the DRG Friends Committee. The national award is open to artists whose 2D work in any medium, represents a response to our contemporary relationship and connection to the sea, coastal regions and communities. 

Devonport Regional Gallery